Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Mom and I aren't always the best of friends. A good friend of mine even calls our relationship unhealthily enmeshed. We fight pretty often and sometimes, the fights can get quite emotionally draining.
In fact, I'll be moving out from my parents' place soon. My attempt at giving us some distance and me gaining some independence. Obviously she doesn't understand why at this moment and some part of her thinks I'm abandoning her.
Yet, does that mean that we don't love each other?
Nope, when I'm sick, she fusses day and night over me. Now that I'm moving out, she's worried sick that I won't be able to take care of myself. She had a bad fall recently. That had brother and me re-scheduling our time to make sure she's cared for.
(She's a lot better now, in case you're wondering.)
Family love comes in all forms and patterns.
What matters most isn't an annual declaration but what we do every other day. (Besides, she's probably scream at me for wasting money if I were to buy her presents.)
I will never be able to always see eye to eye with mom, and I'm pretty sure I take her for granted sometimes.
But she'd always be the mom I'd run home to when I win awards, the mom I'd cry for when there's a flying cockroach in the room and the mom whose home cooking I'd always crave for.

Items used:
Base Polish: Color Club Diggin' the Dancing Queen
Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster BM-317
Stamping Polishes: Konad Black
Hearts done in: Moyou London polishes in Berrylicious, Femme Fatale, Pandora and Teenage Blush.


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