Sunday, May 21, 2017

Easy Peasy!

So last night, while flipping through the gazillion stamping plates that I now own, I figured that it's time I stop stamping and do something else instead.
Yeah, I know. Buy tons of stamping stuff and while going through them, then do something else?!
Feels a little silly.
But anyway, I diligently put away all the nice, new plates and instead pulled out another new purchase:
The latex-free cuticle guards from Bundle Monster.
Figured I'd put it to the test with a gradient. And OMG! I am so so so SO hooked!
Seriously why the hell did I take so long to get this! All my life I've wasted so much time and effort doing clean-ups! The hardest thing to do with these guards was when I was trying to place them on my right fingers. And even that wasn't too tough. Plus I love that even it accidentally gets onto the nails, it's not sticky enough to smudge or pull off the polish.
I've buying more. Definitely buying more. I've got to have a whole drawer of this!

Items used:
Polishes for gradient: Picture Polish Camo and Essie Go Overboard.
Topped with ILNP The Magician (which I'd rave about in another post another time).

I was going to add studs but this was too pretty to cover up.


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