Sunday, April 9, 2017

Polished for the Holidays

On long trips with the parents, it becomes essential that I bring along some polishes for the distraction and peace that polishing my nails affords me. Otherwise 12 days of trying to take care of and ensure the safety and well-being of 2 (pretty) stubborn senior citizens with diet limitations can be quite draining.
Actually, it's also become a habit that I would sometimes haul polishes across the globe with me. It's not always the case that I can tolerate naked nails...
Good thing for me this time round, I've only had to re-do my nails once during the entire 12 days in Japan. And it's not even because I needed some respite from my folks. Instead, it was because my Disney nails could not longer survive the trip.
The only thing: I didn't know I had smudged them quite badly in the night until it was too late. Then, I got too lazy to change them. Especially since I kind of liked them in the first place.

Items used:
Base white in OPI I Cannoli Wear OPI,
Dry brush-stroked in Picture Polish Mad Magenta and Camo.


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