Saturday, April 1, 2017

Mickey and Minnie

While everyone is talking about Beauty and the Beast now, I'm more interested in Mickey and Minnie nails. I was never a princess sort of person anyway. Even as a kid, He-Man had more of my attention than Cinderella...
So it's pretty amazing that in my current team of 4, I have 2 colleagues who are major (and I do mean MAJOR) Disney princesses fans. Not just Disney. Disney princesses! And even the one dude in my team is also a Disney fan. He occasionally plays all the Disney movie songs in the office!
I never felt so surrounded!
And if you can't beat them, join them!
Except Mickey and Minnie is probably the max I'll go. NO WAY I'll do princesses on the nails...

Items used:
Base polish: OPI Coca-Cola Red,
Stamping Polish: Konad Black and Konad White,
Stamping Plates: Mickey heads from Fab Your Nails FUN 6 and Minnie dots from Konad m79.


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