Saturday, April 22, 2017

April's Shabby Chic

Today's post features a nail art that I personally like (a lot). It's been a while since I did one where it's been on my nails for a week and I'm still reluctant to take it off.


Items used:
Base Polish in OPI Stop It I'm Blushing!
Letter stamping using Bundle Monster stamping plate BM-311 and Moyou London stamping polish in Cappucino
Topped with water decals from Born Pretty Store.

Simple and yet surprisingly very pleasing to the (my) eye.
Plus I think my stamping's improved! Which means more stamping!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

April's Haul

While in Japan, I received news that I had won a $50 gift card from Live. Love. Polish. Soon after, it was news that the illimite Romanticism collection was back on stock.
You'd think it was the best timing ever to have won that gift card right!
Happily doing the butt wiggle while trying to place the order on my phone. I even missed the awesome ocean scenery that our driver was pointing out because well, I didn't want to miss that re-stock!
Except the phone refused to let me place an international order to ship home to Singapore!
I tried everything I could think of. For 2 full hours. While riding along in a car along the Sea of Japan. I swore and cursed and nearly threw the phone out.
It only worked when I returned to my laptop at home in Singapore.
By then, the ones I wanted from the Romanticism collection were out of stock again (obviously).
And so I was left with the following:

Picture Polish in Tiffany, Wanderlust and Spring.
And the only illimite that I wanted left: Stolen Kiss.
Anyway, did I tell you I have a sudden love affair going on with Picture Polish? It seems like I need almost every single colour they are putting out. And I'm cursing my lack of funds or gift cards won...
No. Just kidding. Just cursing the lack of funds. I'm more than grateful and excited I won that gift card. I hardly win anything!
More like I'm cursing the inability to order while in Japan...

Superchic Lacquer (from top left, anti-clockwise) in Deadpool, Dopamine and Awkward Turtle.
Yeah. I love my super-heros so I definitely wanted to try those.

ILNP in Bermuda Breeze, The Magician (HOLY CRAP GORGEOUSNESS!) and Sunday Brunch.
This ILNP order was supposed to be my only order for April's haul. Well, I figured with a gift card, anything from Live. Love. Polish shouldn't be counted as buying.
Ok, yes, I know. I went over the $50, but since I was shipping, I might as well include some others right? And since I didn't get the illimite ones, I needed to make it up to myself.
Anyway, I further pacified myself by also placing a huge Bundle Monster order.
Yeah. So much for restraint and low-buys. But oh well. It was a temporary loss of insanity. Restraint is back. It jolly well better be back after seeing the credit card bill...

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Picture Polish Camo

Figured that since I'm on a Picture Polish kick, I might as well swatch the other one that I brought with me to Japan: Picture Polish Camo
This wasn't in my initial choices actually. It was only later added into the case when I started wondering if I would get too sick of all the kawaii, girly Japanese stuff while shopping. In the end, there wasn't much of the girly shopping kind really. In fact, I hardly did much shopping this round!
*looks back in horror*
Could have saved myself the additional bottle, but it did figure into one of the manicures I did while I was there.

Picture Polish Camo,
2 coats and I forgot the TC.
It's so shiny I didn't think of TC until I was taking the photos!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Picture Polish Spring

Colleague passing me my nail package that was delivered to the office.

Colleague: So what did you buy?

Me: Nail Polish.

Colleague: Huh? In this time, still got people buy nail polish meh? I thought people all do gel nowadays?
Yeah. Still got.
Me and a whole bunch of other people who still prefer doing our own nails and whenever we please.


Picture Polish Spring,
2 coats + HK Girl TC.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Face Shop GR02

It's the long Easter weekend and I hope everyone's having a good time. I mean even if you don't celebrate it, there's nothing stopping you from enjoying the break right?
Me? I'm just gonna veg out in front of the telly with my movies, my haul of yummy snacks from Japan and the laptop.
Yeah. Being a couch potato is good too.

The Face Shop GR 02,
3 coats + HK Girl TC.
If nail art is going to look weird with that broken nail,
at least some Easter-like polish should be ok right?

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Picture Polish Mad Magenta

One of the polishes that I hauled to Japan with me in a little case. It was too pretty and I decided that I had to have it with me in Japan. It went on my toes eventually, even though I could only see them when we're back in the hotel rooms...

Picture Polish Mad Magenta,
2 coats + HK Girl TC.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Color Club Angel Kiss

Pardon my nails. They came back from Japan broken and damaged. This was despite my careful attempts at moisturizing them regularly in the dry and cold climate. I've trimmed them down but they're going need so much pampering.
For the next couple of weeks, it's just going to be simple swatches then.
Darn. And I had wanted to do Easter nails...

Color Club Angel Kiss,
2 coats + HK Girl TC.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Polished for the Holidays

On long trips with the parents, it becomes essential that I bring along some polishes for the distraction and peace that polishing my nails affords me. Otherwise 12 days of trying to take care of and ensure the safety and well-being of 2 (pretty) stubborn senior citizens with diet limitations can be quite draining.
Actually, it's also become a habit that I would sometimes haul polishes across the globe with me. It's not always the case that I can tolerate naked nails...
Good thing for me this time round, I've only had to re-do my nails once during the entire 12 days in Japan. And it's not even because I needed some respite from my folks. Instead, it was because my Disney nails could not longer survive the trip.
The only thing: I didn't know I had smudged them quite badly in the night until it was too late. Then, I got too lazy to change them. Especially since I kind of liked them in the first place.

Items used:
Base white in OPI I Cannoli Wear OPI,
Dry brush-stroked in Picture Polish Mad Magenta and Camo.

Friday, April 7, 2017

I'm back from a holiday!

Could you tell that I was away? I sure hope not! Otherwise all that effort at scheduling all those blog posts would have totally gone to waste!
So anyway, I was away in Japan (yes, again) and this time, we travelled from Tokyo to Nagoya. Yes, that's why I had Disney nails (in an earlier post). I was so excited at finally being able to go to Disney Sea!
Heh. And let me show you how excited I've been for this trip. This was yet another mani done before I left.

Items used:
Gradient: Picture Polish Alice and Salt Water,
Stamping: Moyou London stamping polish in Midnight Madness and Tourist Collection plate #11

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Picture Polish Mallard

One of the most difficult polish I ever had to take a picture of! This was my fourth attempt at getting pictures! And still, I'm not at all pleased but I really didn't want to go down my apartment block a fifth time. Everyone would think me mad!
Though given the number of times they've already seen me take nail pictures, they probably already think so of me...

Picture Polish Mallard,
2 coats + HK Girl TC

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