Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March's Lies

I have to admit, my will power is weak. I've tried. Oh! I swear I've tried. But all the nail polishes out there! Those darn blogger swatches that look like the nail fairies had a field day with them!
I've caved. I said "Only ONE haul per month!"
But I lied.
And this month, I've made THREE separate orders.
So far, only one of those orders have arrived. I'm sharing it here first, in an attempt to lie to myself (if the others come later) that the rest will be April's...
From Live. Love. Polish.:
Anna Sui polishes (from left to right) in I603, I902 and I701.
Picture Polish (you can match) in Orchid, Bardot, Merge, Salt Water, Winter, Holo-sphere and Story.


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