Sunday, February 26, 2017

Peacock Nails for Mani-Monday

So I'm part of a online nails group that runs a themed manicure-Mondays series. Now I've always been a lurker, looking on in interest, but never really got my ass moving to actually participate in one.
Until recently, when one of my manicures happened to fit one of the recent themes. Since it was already done, I went ahead and posted with the tag.
Yay! Pat on the back for finally participating in one.
Only to find out much later, that I was supposed to post my pictures together with everyone's under a tagged post.
How that slipped by me when I've been following the series is beyond me.
My good friend will simply just put it down to my usual sotong (Singlish for blur) moment.
So this time round, I'm determined to finally get it right!

Peacock nails for Mani-Monday,
and items used were:
OPI Black Onyx for base,
Moyou London Tropical Collection plate 05.
Stamping done with Anna Sui polishes in I902 and I701.
Apologies for the poor clean-up.
It was a rainy day and there appeared a brief moment of sun,
so I was just running out to catch it.



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