Tuesday, February 7, 2017

February's Nail Mail

Given that I'm going to be moving soon, plus the need to be more budget-conscious, I'm currently limiting myself to 1 nail haul per month.
Yeah, I know. That's a bit sad.
The excitement's only going to be once a month. So it better be a good one.
For February, I've decided to haul from Moyou London.
Well, it wasn't an easy decision. There's quite a number of polishes from Picture Polish that I've been eyeing but Moyou London's repeated amazing stamping feed in my Instagram eventually won the battle. Ok, seriously, it was the new Suki plates. I did say I was a sucker for oriental designs. The minute Moyou London featured Suki plate 18 in their promo images, I hauled.
Of course, now that I have a decent transparent stamper, it makes stamping a hell lot more fun as well. What was limiting for me, was then the range of stamping polishes I had. I had to control myself a little; the purse was just weeping from the damage. I didn't need it to go into shock.
So here's what I got:
Suki plates 14 and 18,
Zodiac plate 23,
9 ml stamping polishes in (from top to bottom, left to right) Skin Silk, Femme Fatale, Teenage Blush, Ginger Rust, Midnight Madness, Café au Lait, Cappuccino and Liquid Gold.
I've just did a mani using Femme Fatale and I think I'm doomed to get more stamping polishes from Moyou London. The opacity is amazing and I'm in stamping love now.
Be prepared for a slew of stamping nail art on this blog people!


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