Saturday, January 7, 2017

A 2017 Restart

It's been a long time.
To be honest, I was prepared to let go of this blog. There was a long time when I didn't even paint my nails.
Was there a crisis? Did something happen?
Nope. Nothing. Exactly nothing of that sort happened. There's no excuse, no reason. One morning I woke up and nails and polishes just stopped being interesting.
But sometimes, a break is all that is needed, to re-ignite that interest. A break plus mummy's orders to clean the nail polish closet.
So I guess, for now, I'm back. For how long? That's anyone's guess. I didn't know passion could die a sudden death. But now that I do, it's just enjoy this ride for now.
Happy 2017 people.
That is, if there's still someone reading this.
Polishes used:
Silver base using Lippman Stardust,
dry-brushed with China Glaze 2030.
Glitter "gradient" tips in OPI Which is Witch?


Cindi O said...

This is really pretty. I love those bar glitters in Which is Witch?

Berry T said...

Thank you Cindi!

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