Sunday, August 7, 2016

Orchids for Singapore's 51st!

In a couple of days,
Singapore will be celebrating her 51st birthday.
And a few days later,
I'll be celebrating mine as well!
Been thinking of all the nail art I could do,
and here's (hopefully) the first of a few to come:

For those who don't know,
Singapore's national flower is the Vanda Miss Joaquim - a lovely orchid hybrid.
So I thought I'd put these orchid water decals I bought from What's Up Nails to good use!
The other 2 striped accent nails were done using vinyls from Vibrant Vinyls,
and a smush marble technique.
Polishes were:
Essie St Lucia Lilac,
Essie Using my Maiden Name,
Misa Forbidden Lust,
and OPI I Cannoli Wear OPI.


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