Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Catrice HoloGREYphic

Another brand that's been neglected on this blog: Catrice.
Though I've got to say,
I don't buy a lot of them in the first place.
For some reason,
although they're pretty cheap (in comparison to other brands here in Singapore),
and the quality's pretty decent,
I was never really wow-ed by their colours.
Perhaps, partly because oftentimes when I swing around to their counters,
there is much of the display left.
However, here's one that I recently bought:
3 coats + HK Girl TC.
OK. I followed exactly how its label was printed,
with the GREY in caps.
Guess, they needed to emphasize that there was grey in there somewhere.
But NO. It's not holographic despite the name/label.
I really wish companies can get this right for once.
Shimmers =/= Holographic.
Christ. And you're a polish/beauty company.
Anyway, this one while pretty isn't really unique.
Grey-lilac base with a pretty pink shimmer.
But it does look better layered over a darker base...
Here I have 1 coat of HoloGREYphic over Zoya Kelly.
The pink really does pop doesn't it!


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