Sunday, August 21, 2016

Alanna Renee Reptar

My apologies for the lack of post these days.
Pokémon Go fever has descended on Singapore,
and (heh) I've been busy doing the "catch 'em all" thing.
Yup, even on my birthday,
which was an extremely peaceful day of playing Pokémon Go.
But, no. I haven't forgotten that I still have a life and a couple of blogs to run.
So here I am, trying to get this week's posts down:
Alanna Renee Reptar,
3 coats + 1 coat HK Girl TC.
Milky green base with orange and bluish-lavender hex glitters,
as well as small white and black glitters.
It's definitely unique,
but unfortunately, didn't get my love as I didn't think it looked great on me.
What do you guys think?
Should I sell this off?


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