Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Misa Like It Like That

Sometimes, I forget there are other brands apart from OPI.
And that's not saying it's because I'm a OPI fan.
On the contrary, I'm not particularly loyal to any brands.
Instead, it's always been a question of which colour is nicer, which polish looks better.
However, OPI is still easiest to purchase here in sunny Singapore.
Some of the other brands, a wee bit harder,
and yet other brands, a lot harder to get.
Misa happens to be one of those harder to find brands.
And I tend to forget I have some of these until I clear The Stash,
or one topples from The Closet as in this case.
Like It Like That,
2 coats + Seche Vite TC
Bright, metallic green that's supposed to have a slight blue duochrome.
Unfortunately, sun's so bright,
the green's won much of the battle.
Last 2 pictures taken in the shade.
Like I said, the blue duochrome is considered slight.


Cali369 said...

Gorgeous green! I forget about Misa too, don't think I have any in my collection. Strange as 'back in the day' they were everywhere

Berry T said...

yeah! Since I do now remember, I realised that there've been many others in The Stash that I haven't been bothered with. Going to correct that soonest!

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