Monday, June 13, 2016

YSL Beauty La Laque Couture Les Grainés Fall 2014

During the no-I-don't-feel-like-painting-my-nails week,
it was a good thing that I had these 2 with me.
At least, these didn't need a topcoat,
and that's what convinced my lazy ass to at least get a paint job done.
I've got to say though,
for the price I paid for these 2 bottles,
I'd have expected a better brush.
Seriously, the YSL brush is the most unwieldy and uneven brush I've used.
Hate it.
#52 Bleu Galuchat,
2 coats, no TC.
Dark teal textured nails.
The kind of dark teal that leaves a stain on your nails.
There's also some sparse splattering of shiny blue glitters going on in the bottle,
but these were completely lost amidst the texture.
Useless and makes you wonder why they even bothered to add in those glitters
if they were going to be so few anyway.
#53 Taupe Graine
2 coats, no TC.
Poop brown textured nails.
Ok, maybe a better sounding description might be charcoal brown.
But seriously, I thought I had poop nails.


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