Monday, June 20, 2016

Color Club: Rebel Debutante

Another post about crap nails.
However, this time, it's not my fault.
Instead, I have a polish that went really bad.
Of course, I don't mean "milk-fermented" kind of bad.
Polishes are chemicals, they don't go bad that way.
Instead, what happened was that I had a polish that had evaporated.
While I tried saving it with tons of Seche Restore
(and I really dumped tons into it),
the polish's developed lumps that refused to go away.
It doesn't apply very well now.
In my pictures, you might even be able to spot the lumps and unevenness.
A pity.
Color Club Rebel Debutante would have been a pretty pine green otherwise.


Ana said...

oh dear! Yes I can see the lumps. Such a pity that you cannot use this polish the color.

Berry T said...

Yup. I felt the pain when I had to dump it...

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