Thursday, June 30, 2016

Chanel Emeraude

Another high-end polish on the blog today.
This time, it's Chanel Emeraude.
This was a chance purchase.
I was just walking past when the display bottle caught my eye.
I mean just look at the gold shimmer in that lovely deep green.
You'll understand why I stopped in my tracks.
2 coats + Seche Vite TC.

I have plans to give this some gold glitter tips.
Feels right to do so.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

RBL Manicurator

Today's post features a polish collaboration with one of the bloggers that I enjoy following.
I guess it shouldn't be a surprise then,
that I'll love the polish that RBL and the Manicurator came up with:
2 coats + Seche Vite TC.
Lovely aqua crème with tiny blue sparkly glitters.
It's a bit dustier than my photos depict it to be though.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Peacock Nails

It's not often that I get into stamping.
Simply because I actually find it a hassle to have to keep cleaning the plates and tools.
However, I'm really glad I put in a bit of effort for this set of peacock nails.
Loved it so much,
I was loath to have to see it go.
Photos were actually taken on the third (and last) day of the manicure.
By then, the tips were beginning to show signs of wear.
Items used:
Sponged base gradiet of Zoya Mimi and Zoya Ivanka,
gold stamping done with China Glaze 2030
and Moyou London Tropical Collection plate #05.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Coffee Break's gold.

All I did this time round was just to sponge on some gold tips.
Like I said, simple's good.
Gold tips in Lunasol Shining Gold.
I did say it's becoming my favourite gold glitter didn't I.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Orly Coffee Break

Today's post is just a simple post on a polish.
I'm beginning to enjoy having things kept simple.
Orly Coffee Break,
2 coats + Seche Vite TC.
Latte brown crème.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Color Club: Rebel Debutante

Another post about crap nails.
However, this time, it's not my fault.
Instead, I have a polish that went really bad.
Of course, I don't mean "milk-fermented" kind of bad.
Polishes are chemicals, they don't go bad that way.
Instead, what happened was that I had a polish that had evaporated.
While I tried saving it with tons of Seche Restore
(and I really dumped tons into it),
the polish's developed lumps that refused to go away.
It doesn't apply very well now.
In my pictures, you might even be able to spot the lumps and unevenness.
A pity.
Color Club Rebel Debutante would have been a pretty pine green otherwise.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Roses are not always Red

If you had seen my last post,
you'd have known that I had a really bad day with my nails.
Sometimes, that could be the one event that spurs you to do better.
Well, at least it did for me,
and I came up with something that I really enjoyed for a good 5 days.
Base polish: OPI It's in the Cloud,
Glitter tips: Lunasol Shining Gold.
Seriously, it's becoming my favourite gold glitter.
Accent: leftover rose water decals

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Crap Nails

If you guys ever need proof that even bloggers can have crappy nail days,
here's a massive one.
Found a half-used set of nail wraps,
and wondered why I threw it into such an obscure spot.
Came up with this really cool idea of a ruffian using nail wraps.
Remembered why I threw this into such an obscure spot once topcoat was applied.
These are the stupid wraps that shrivel and shrink no matter what type of TC was used.
Growled at the shrivelled wraps for a good 5 minutes.
Decided I'll live with it for a day since it can still pass off as "art".
(Actually that was more my lazy ass saying I'm-not-going-to-do-another-paint-job.)
Went to bed.
Woke up like this:
Broke the early morning neighbourhood peace and quiet with my vehement swearing.
Removed ugly mess.
Went to work with naked nails.

Monday, June 13, 2016

YSL Beauty La Laque Couture Les Grainés Fall 2014

During the no-I-don't-feel-like-painting-my-nails week,
it was a good thing that I had these 2 with me.
At least, these didn't need a topcoat,
and that's what convinced my lazy ass to at least get a paint job done.
I've got to say though,
for the price I paid for these 2 bottles,
I'd have expected a better brush.
Seriously, the YSL brush is the most unwieldy and uneven brush I've used.
Hate it.
#52 Bleu Galuchat,
2 coats, no TC.
Dark teal textured nails.
The kind of dark teal that leaves a stain on your nails.
There's also some sparse splattering of shiny blue glitters going on in the bottle,
but these were completely lost amidst the texture.
Useless and makes you wonder why they even bothered to add in those glitters
if they were going to be so few anyway.
#53 Taupe Graine
2 coats, no TC.
Poop brown textured nails.
Ok, maybe a better sounding description might be charcoal brown.
But seriously, I thought I had poop nails.

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