Sunday, May 29, 2016

RMK EX49 Indigo Blue

I haven't been able to get any nail pictures done at all this week.
In fact, this post is hot off the camera;
I've just came back from snapping these and they're up!
I've been under the weather these days both literally and figuratively.
The weather's been poor here in Singapore.
After the heat wave,
we're now having thunderstorms and it's been raining far too often.
I've also yet to recover from my bouts of flu.
This superbug is wreaking hell on my immunity and well-being.
These days, I'm just drugged up on flu medications that don't seem to work very well.
All that just means that I haven't had the energy to do my nails regularly,
or take pictures of them.
And just so you know, it might be the case for a while still.
At least, I've got some pretty nails to look at this period:
RMK EX49 Indigo Blue,
2 coats + HK Girl TC.
Lovely, dusty navy blue crème.
Love this loads.
I think this may be my new blue love.


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