Sunday, May 22, 2016

Nail Art Weekend: Nail Art for Dry Hands

First up, again it's apologies for the no-post the past week.
I was away in Kyushu, Japan.
(Going to start blogging about that in the other travel blog soon!)
Initially I had thought that I would still be able to write up some posts when I got back,
but I fell ill.
Plus, there was just too much unpacking and stuff to do post-holiday.
(Why do I ever forget that?)
Also I came back with really badly cracked hands from the drier weather there.
It's the one thing I always dread whenever I travel.
No matter where I'm headed off to
(yes, even neighbouring Malaysia/Indonesia/etc),
my nose and skin reacts to the change in climate.
And yes, I used hand creams.
In fact, I used a lot of hand cream.
I even finished up a tube in the 9 days I was in Japan,
and was well into the second tube by the time I returned to Singapore.
The hands are now a lot better.
At least the cracks are healing and I no longer cringe when zipping up or pulling on stuff.
But I think you guys can understand if I say I'm still going to go slow on the nails
(and hence the blog posts).
I don't exactly fancy exposing them to remover and acetone too much for now.
I was still vain enough though for some nail art.
Something to cheer up (or more like to distract from) those cracked hands.
Something that didn't require liquid latex or clean-up
(obviously because of the darn cracked hands),
and something that allowed me to use the new OPI Soft Shades that just came in.
2016 OPI Soft Shades, from left to right:
It's in the Cloud,
This Cost me a Mint,
It's a Boy!,
I am What I Amethyst,
One Chic Chick,
and Stop It I'm Blushing!
And here's the simple but awesome (imo) nail art that made me happy the past week:
Polishes used:
Base colour in OPI It's in the Cloud,
dry-brushed with OPI It's a Boy!,
OPI This Cost Me a Mint,
Wet n Wild Black Crème,
and OPI Coca Cola Red.


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