Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hello Kitty by OPI Cherry Blossoms Collection

All right, as promised,
here's swatches of the OPI Hello Kitty Cherry Blossoms collection:
Cheery Blooms,
2 coats + HK Girl TC.
Pretty much your standard red crème,
except it had a slight crelly touch at finishing.
Can be done in 1 coat actually too.
These sort of reds generally look good on me,
so I'm kind of ok with another one.
What more, a Hello Kitty Asia exclusive.
Dreams of Spring,
2 coats + HK Girl TC.
My favourite of the trio actually,
but I'm always stumped when it comes to describing colours like this.
Primarily because it looks like a mix of colours.
Almost white crème but with hints of a beige-lilac tone.
This one actually reminded me of 2 oldies from the older OPI Japanese collection;
Miso Happy with this Color and Let Them Eat Rice Cake.
I can't find these 2 anymore in The Stash,
so I'm pretty glad Dreams of Spring came along.
Sitting under Cherry Blossoms,
3 coats + HK Girl TC.
Pastel pink jelly with pink shimmer.
I'm kind of thrown off by the shimmer.
Can't make up my mind if I like it or not,
some days it looks like it goes pretty well with the pink base,
but other days, they look like the odd pairing.
Oh well, if you have this,
I guess, you'll decide yourself how it'll look.


Judy said...

Pretty swatches! Every color is such a beauty. I think these are worth checking out.

Berry T said...

Thank you Judy! I hope you do get to check them out!

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