Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Yes, I'm all about Mid-Week Quickies

I don't know about you ladies (or guys, if any),
but recently I find mid-week quickies extremely satisfying.
Well, I don't mean the "Wham, Bam, Thank You M'dm" kind,
though I think those of you fortunate enough to get those,
will probably say that it can be satisfying too.
Good for you!
What I'm referring here are nail art quickies.
The sort where you don't have a lot of time and/or energy,
but you're a bit sick of the current boring manicure on those nails.
Mine seem to happen often mid-week,
where Friday hasn't rolled around fast enough,
and I'm still clearing work (shit) from Monday.
Some weeks back, I've done some quick vinyl accents to jazz things up.
Last week's mid-week quickie post was about a quick 2-polish dry-brush,
and for today, I'm going to show you another quickie dry-brush,
except it's a glitter gradient this time:
Base - Zoya Pinta
Glitter - China Glaze Fairy Dust
TC - HK Girl
It took me only about 5 minutes to dry-brush Fairy Dust and add TC over the existing Pinta manicure,
and voila! Something different and pretty!


A. notcopyacat said...

I like glitter gradients, they are fast and easy to do when you have not much time. Also they look spectacular!

Berry T said...

Absolutely! And they cover tip wear if your mani's been around for a while! heh

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