Tuesday, March 22, 2016

World Water Day: Make Every Drop Count

World Water Day is designated by the United Nations to celebrate the importance of water sustainability.
Just a couple of days back, it was also Earth Hour.
The spotlight is now on the need on action for climate change.
From Leonard DiCaprio's acceptance speech to the current heat-wave in Singapore,
climate change is no foreign topic of discussion,
and it seems like there is no louder drum being beaten.
And yet, nothing much seemed to have changed.
While I switched off the lights at home on Earth Hour,
I witnessed the blaze all around my neighbourhood.
As my mom collects pails of water to recycle,
we see pails of water needlessly dumped and splashed as kids' play.
While everyone seemed to agree that climate change is important,
few/little seemed to have considered how they can change their own actions.
While we may seem like an insignificant piece in the universe,
it is still humbling and astounding to think that our actions can affect the many generations to come.
We can definitely do more,
if we only start to consider our own actions.
Make every drop, every effort count.


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