Saturday, March 12, 2016

I've been Shopping!

My mom thinks that my one weakness is my so-called inability to control my shopping.
Well, I disagree with her.
I'm pretty sure I can control my shopping,
otherwise I would have bought out entire stores (online or in real life).
First up, nail mail from Messy Mansion.
My first time ordering from them,
and all because I heard so much about clear stampers,
that I needed to get myself one!
Stamping plates that I couldn't resist
This was the one that sealed the deal.
I've been having a hard time storing my creative stamper
that when I saw that the Messy Mansion clear stamper came with a cap
I just didn't think.
No brainer. Simply awesome.
I used to store my Moyou London plates in a Konad box.
All those other weird shaped plates or plates that were too big for my Born Pretty plate organisers
also went into that box.
And that Konad box was stored on the highest shelf in my nail closet.
So you can imagine the hassle of having to retrieve it.
There was one time when it fell on my head.
I can tell you with first hand experience that having plates rain down on you is no joke.
So when I saw that Messy Mansion had organisers for those plates?
Another no brainer.
Unfortunately, I under-estimated the number of plates I had.
I'll have to go make another order soon.
Then, I popped by another online store: Whats Up Nails.
Another first-time order for me.
I was so in love with all the nail vinyls I had been seeing on Facebook and Instagram,
I just had to get my hands on them.
Then, I found these beautiful water decals on their store,
Some nail charms and a water-marble tool!
Now hopefully, that would make water-marbling easier.
Ok, these aren't nail mail.
But I figured since I was posting about recent shopping,
I might as well show these off.
Lovisa in Singapore had been having a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale,
and I've bought quite a bit as such.
Yes, I'm quite the sucker for accessories too.
There's never enough.
Yes, I'm well aware I only have 1 neck, 2 ears, 2 hands and 10 fingers.
That argument never worked with nail polish,
so it won't work with accessories either.
ok, and this last one?
Not what I bought.
But what my friend bought for me from France!


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