Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Happy International Women's Day!

I was almost worried that I would never get this post up!

As it is, I'm sneakily doing this while at work 
(please please please... don't let da boss come up behind me),
but this is one post that I had actually planned for,
and I really want it up today.

Well, you know, sometimes, the best laid plans will still go wrong eh.
It was a case of Murphy's law with this manicure:

I did the nail art on Sunday evening.
Everything was actually going smoothly,
right down to the last nail.

I was so proud of my work, I had that urge to show it off to someone.
Well, (complete cliche but) pride comes before a fall right.
Just as I was (very) proudly waving my nails in front of mom,
my little twitchy fingers had to go bash against a bottle mom was holding.

One nail down. Oh well. 
Nevermind, just re-do right.
At least, it was a "thank god it was only ONE nail" incident.
And this HAS TO go out the way I planned.

Unfortunately, by the time I was done re-doing that bashed nail,
it was late and I was too tired to wait.
 So I ended up smudging the nail art with the topcoat.

Oh well (and there are a lot of oh wells),
no one's perfect.
Hopefully, people won't notice. 

Come Monday, it was all perfect weather.
The sun was up and shone really bright.
Alas. I forgot to bring my damn camera to work!
And I even stared at my nails before leaving for work in the morning,
and thought to myself, 
"This is damn cool!"

My only excuse?
Yesterday was the mother of all Monday blues.
Yeah there were other stuff, 
but I'm not going to type them all out.
First, it'll suck repeating it,
and also I really do want to get this post out!

Anyway, you'll have thought, no camera, nevermind (yeah, a lot of neverminds too),
it's modern era! The age of smart phones!
Well, I did attempt. I swear I did.
But none of the pictures turned out good enough for me.

So I thought to myself, nevermind,
I'll try again on Tuesday morning
and (sneakily) write up the post at work so it'll still be out.

Ok, I did get the post out today,
so that must have worked right?

Yeah. Eventually it did.
But Tuesday morning started with thunder and showers.
The only reason why I could get the pictures out,
was a very sudden, brief spurt of sun.

And even that, I had to go chase after.
I had to cross 2 streets and a carpark.
It really felt as though I had a cloud over my head persistent on following me everywhere.

When I finally found that sweet sun-spot?
It was right next to a busy road.
Drivers must have all been wondering about that weird girl standing in the middle of nowhere taking pictures of her hand.
And I'm probably on all their dashcams too.
Hopefully no one thinks to share that weird image around.
Bloggers! (bleah!) And all the weird stuff they do!

Oh and I killed a pair of slippers with all that sun-chasing.
Bye Havaianas.

I guess it's then pretty apt for why I had wanted this post today.
It's almost like an analogy for the trials and tribulations that women go through.

Ok, I mean everyone has their story no matter their gender,
but for the sake of today,
let's just go with women k.
And yes, mine's a dumb blogger story but still,
trials and tribulations.
Oh and perseverance and success too!
Let's not forget that either.

So to all the wonder(ful) women out there,
Happy International Women's Day!


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