Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lady Queen Review: Shabby Chic Little Girls

Good morning everyone!
I woke up in a super chirpy mood today,
which is surprising actually, given that I was up on a Sunday morning at 7 am!
I hope it'll be a great Sunday not just for myself but for everyone here!
Today I have for you guys yet another set of water decals,
but this time, it's from Lady Queen !
I've got to say, I'm getting mightily impressed with all the decals that's been coming out recently!
I just simply love all the designs!
Just take a look at these water decals sent by Lady Queen,
aren't they just lovely!
In fact, I was so impressed with the designs they have,
I went ahead and made a huge order just for water decals.
When the movie Batman vs Superman rolls around,
I already have a planned decal-manicure as well now!
If you're planning to check out Lady Queen,
don't forget to use the code ARDS15 for a 15% discount off your purchase!
Items used:
OPI I Theodora You,
OPI Chocolate Moose,
stripe vinyls from Vibrant Vinyl,
and gold round studs.
I'm so in love with this set of water decals,
I'm pretty sure I'll finish them soon too. I think...
Gah! So many decals, so little fingers!


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