Sunday, February 7, 2016

CNY Spring Blossoms

Hurray! It's finally the eve of the Lunar New Year!
I'm going to be busy helping my mom with the preparations for the reunion dinner later,
but for now,
let me just write another quick nail art post.
Unfortunately, it's a rainy Lunar New Year eve,
so I haven't been able to get pictures of my current CNY nails.
Instead, here's another one which I did a few days back using nail wraps:
Ok, my photos probably magnified the gold-chain stickers a little bit
and made them look as though they're thick abominations.
However, in reality, while they do look a little worn out (yeah, I've had them for YEARS),
they definitely did not "stand out (up)" that much.
In fact, this was another pretty manicure that I enjoyed a lot.
I've other ideas now for cutting up those nail wraps.
Will definitely get around to them soon,
especially since wraps are so simple to use.


TayTay said...

This looks soo freaking pretty! I love the ones with the chain! It looks really cute! How long does this last?

Berry T said...

It was still ok at day 2 but I honestly don't know how long it would last since I removed it after that to change the mani

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