Saturday, February 20, 2016

Born Pretty Store Review: Sticker Fail

It's time for another Born Pretty Store review!
Unfortunately, this round, I'm not very pleased with the nail stickers.
And it's really a pity as I thought the stickers were really pretty,
and I was really looking forward to this set of nail art.
The gold embossed sticker came in a sheet (polish for reference for size),
and you would have to trim them to your preference.
For the review, I had planned on using the stickers for full nails,
hence I grabbed some nail wraps,
traced their outline on the back of the plastic sheet the sticker came in,
and started trimming them.
Unfortunately, these stickers don't do too well on the nails,
and I'll list why:
1) The stickers tore easily when lifting them off their plastic backing.
I ended up trying to piece the pieces together on the nail,
and that was an absolute disaster.
See pinky nail for the worst tear-and-pieced-together attempt
2) The stickers weren't able to last.
I was done with my manicure by about 10 pm.
By 11:30 pm, they started tearing off!
And all I did was lie in bed and get on social media on my phone!
Needless to say, by the time I took these photos the following day at about 11 am,
I had to peel off huge chunks of the decals that were just about sticking up everywhere.
3) The stickers were not flexible enough to wrap around the curve of my nails.
It's not like I have extremely curved nails either.
Most of my other decals and wraps do a pretty good job of adhering to the curve of my nails,
but this set was just terrible!
Just take a look at the imprint left on the thumb,
or how the sticker was still sticking up at the side of the nail on my middle finger,
and you should get a sense of how bad this was.
Even with all these flaws,
I could see the potential of this manicure.
It even looked pretty from afar!
If the stickers had been ok,
this would have been a really pretty manicure.


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