Saturday, February 6, 2016

Born Pretty Store Review: Golden Grids

Taking a break amidst the last minute Lunar New Year preparations to do this post.
Yep, it is another Born Pretty Store review,
but I thought it was still pretty appropriate as a CNY manicure.
In the BPS package sent, was a set of nail stencils.
These were holo stencil stickers that you could use on its own over a base polish,
or could also function like a peel-off vinyl.
All you had to do was to cut them up,
and use them whichever way you pleased.
I found the stickers really thin
which would be really important if you wanted to use them on top of your manicure.
No one likes a thick decal prone to peeling off right.
These were also easy to remove from their plastic backings,
which means less chances of you smudging those nails.
Another plus.

Here's my first attempt with these stickers:
Polishes used:
Flormar #394 Golden Orchid (love it!),
and OPI Coca Cola Red.
I really loved the end result.
In fact, quite a lot of people around me seemed to notice it.
My mom actually considered asking me to replicate the manicure for her for CNY.
Can't blame her.
I found it festive and pretty too!
Loved the nail stencils.
Next time, I'm going to try it on its own over a blue or black polish.
That pretty holo should pop right up!
Now if you're interested in getting the stencils,
I've already included the links in my texts above.
Just remember to quote BERRYG10 for a 10% discount when you make your purchase!


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