Monday, February 29, 2016

OPI Chocolate Moose

All right, so I might have accidently shown this post when I was doing my writing over the weekend. Guess that's what happens when you're working on the blog in a food-induced coma,
you just forget little things which then screws up some other stuff.
Well, anyway, if you've already seen it,
then you'll know that I've said that the polish featured today is an oldie.
It's one of my earliest polishes,
and I think I might have owned it for at least 8 years, if not longer...
OPI Chocolate Moose,
2 coats + HK Girl TC.
Red-toned, milk-chocolate brown crème.
This is one of those colours that I keep around for nail art.
Well, actually it's still around more because it's an old bottle.
My bottle's already half-gone,
and the polish itself looks like it's going to go goopy soon.
But yeah. I'm sentimental.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lady Queen Review: Shabby Chic Little Girls

Good morning everyone!
I woke up in a super chirpy mood today,
which is surprising actually, given that I was up on a Sunday morning at 7 am!
I hope it'll be a great Sunday not just for myself but for everyone here!
Today I have for you guys yet another set of water decals,
but this time, it's from Lady Queen !
I've got to say, I'm getting mightily impressed with all the decals that's been coming out recently!
I just simply love all the designs!
Just take a look at these water decals sent by Lady Queen,
aren't they just lovely!
In fact, I was so impressed with the designs they have,
I went ahead and made a huge order just for water decals.
When the movie Batman vs Superman rolls around,
I already have a planned decal-manicure as well now!
If you're planning to check out Lady Queen,
don't forget to use the code ARDS15 for a 15% discount off your purchase!
Items used:
OPI I Theodora You,
OPI Chocolate Moose,
stripe vinyls from Vibrant Vinyl,
and gold round studs.
I'm so in love with this set of water decals,
I'm pretty sure I'll finish them soon too. I think...
Gah! So many decals, so little fingers!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

M.A.C. Flamingo Park / Zac Posen Preview - Launch at Ngee Ann City

*Cross - posted on Perspectives of My Little World*
I don't often do make-up posts,
not because I don't like make-up.
Lord knows how often I check out all those awesome make-up videos
that pop up on my social media feed.
Unfortunately, that's about all I do.
Well, other than wishing that I have half the make-up skills some of the girls (in my social media feed) have!
I don't often wear make-up to work, simply because I don't wake up in time to do it.
Yeah. I can be a morning person, if morning happened around noon.
Just crawling out of bed to get to work on time takes one hell of an effort from my mom.
At times, she even has to resort to rolling me out of bed.
Ain't kidding when I say it's effortful on her part!
On those rare occasions that I actually get out of bed on time,
I'm limited to very simple make-up:
Eye-brows, eye-shadow, eye-liner, powder, blush and lipstick.
I probably have tons of eye-shadows lying around,
and my mom is constantly stealing my lipstick since I barely use them.
Yet, despite all that, I persist in looking at make-up.
And with looking, comes buying.
So when someone at M.A.C called to send an invite to their Flamingo Park / Zac Posen Preview-cum-Launch,
I just said yes.
Zero hesitation. While the wallet heaved another sigh of despair.
So anyway, since Ngee Ann City was pretty near where I work,
I was able to reach early, which was my intention anyway.
If anything, the one lesson I've learnt since attending such events,
when the crowd comes along at the stipulated timing,
you can forget about getting any decent photos,
and you would very likely have to join the snaking queues just to get what you want.
Benefits of arriving just that little bit earlier,
you can take all the time to snap photos.
Well, the trick is to be thick-skinned enough to ignore the stares of others in the store.
And oftentimes, I'm more interested in all those preparation work prior the event.
And despite arriving earlier,
I still couldn't get pictures of a full collection display.
I figured it wasn't a big loss for me.
Since this isn't a make-up blog, any readers interested in this MAC collection,
would already have read (and seen better pictures) on make-up blogs elsewhere.
Well, I did manage to get the Zac Posen collection display in full.
Do I score points for standing around to wait?
Now, check out the crowd!
And this was just the early crowd.
I was just so thankful that I had already made my decisions and purchased what I wanted.
Part of the event included a make-up demonstration.
Since I had already been viewing a lot of YouTube vids and Instagram vids on make-up,
I wasn't really interested and barely paid mind to the make-up artist.
I admit. I didn't hang around to the end of the event.
I had already gotten what I wanted, I hated crowds and I was getting famished.
Well, I might not be interested, but check out the crowd who were!
M.A.C also had a couple of dudes decked out in cute, preppy outfits going around giving out refreshments.
One of them happily agreed to pose for my camera.
All I had to do was ask!
And because this IS a nail polish blog,
I just had to get close-ups of the nail polish.
MAC Spoonful of Sugar,
described as a soft pink glitter with pink pearl.
MAC Miami,
described as a warm pinkish coral.
And here's what I got for myself
MAC Zac Posen Eye Z You Palette
MAC Flamingo Pink Powder Blush in Let's be Friends
MAC Flamingo Pink Beauty Powder in Pearl Blossom
and MAC Lipstick in Silly.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Born Pretty Store Review: 元宵 (Yuan Xiao) 2016

Another review for Born Pretty Store,
except this time round,
I'm mightily pleased with the water decals they sent.
Check out the lovely oriental water decals !
Opera performers on your nails!
For someone who loves most themes oriental,
I absolutely loved the prints!
The past Monday happened to be the 15th (and last) day of the Lunar New Year,
and is known as 元宵节 (Yuan Xiao Jie).
For some, this day is also a pretty significant day of the Lunar New Year.
Hence, I waited till Monday for this manicure,
as I thought it might be appropriate as well!
For the manicure,
I used some of the decals on the bottom left.
Items used:
Zoya Sooki for the red accent nails.
Sooki was topped with OPI Pure 18K White Gold and Silver Topcoat from the Mariah Carey collection.
The 春 (Chun - which means spring) decal on my index nail was from previous CNY's leftover decals.
Absolutely adored the manicure!
Festive and eye-catching!
I fear I may just use up this set of decals that Born Pretty Store sent very quickly!
For those of you interested in getting this set of water decals,
just click on the link I've provided above.
And don't forget to use the code BERRYG10 for a 10% discount!

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