Sunday, January 3, 2016

Last Haul of 2015

These were my Christmas presents to myself.
And boy, did I spend.
First, I never thought I'll see an indie brand in our local departmental store.
But there was this whole display of ILNP.
Who was I to argue with the nail polish goddesses?
From left to right:
Birefringence (H), Bishop (H), Mutagen (H) and Sirene (H)
Peri Me, Summer Stargazing and Timeless Vow
Music Box, Princeton and Rehab
Black Orchid and Kings & Queens.
Are there any other must-haves from ILNP?
Since they're available locally,
I feel this need to grab every single one of them.
Then I was getting tired of my Seche Vite TC,
so I grabbed 3 bottles of my other go-to TC: HK Girl.
And while picking up the 3 bottles of HK Girl from Mei Mei's Signatures,
I dropped another 3 bottles of polishes into the cart:
Girly Bits Get Weaponized - I've been lusting after this one for a long long time.
Emily de Molly Inked Chameleon and The Dark Wildwood
Then I found another bottle of the L.A. Girl 3D Effects: Black Illusion.
Now I only have the blue one missing...
I also bought some stuff from Uber Chic:
The Far East stamping plate.
As well as a 3-piece collection set:
Plate 2-01
The coffee-theme was what first caught my eye.
Plate 2-02
And the one that sealed the deal,
was the city-scape there on the bottom row.
Plate 2-03.
And of course I had to get the mat that everyone else had been raving about:
the Uber Chic silicon mat.
I still have some stuff I paid for from Born Pretty Store and Lady Queen
that was ordered way before Christmas,
but still apparently on the way.
Let's hope they'll get here soon!


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