Sunday, December 20, 2015

Born Pretty Store review: Shabby Chic Snowflakes

My apologies again for the lack of posts last week.
Again, I've fallen miserably ill.
I'm still not at 100% but damn if I have to spend the next few days still in bed,
particularly since Christmas is just around the corner!
Don't you guys just hate it when the festivities are going on
but you're just not at 100% to enjoy them!
Oh well. Anyway, I finally managed to crawl out of bed to get the blog going again.
And let's start with some stuff that the good people from Born Pretty Store sent over for review:
A couple of cute nail wraps,
some really cool water decals,
nail vinyls and some Christmas-themed studs.
Since Christmas was around the corner,
I figured I better get those started first.
The first item to be reviewed:
Snowflakes nail stickers from Korea.
When I first saw this,
I had mistakenly thought that these were water decals.
Until I lifted them off the backing,
did I realise that they were already sticky.
These stickers were really thin,
and reminded me actually of water decals once they were removed from their backing.
These were the instructions that came at the back of the package.
As these were press-on nail stickers,
you don't have to peel them off the top film.
Instead, what you'll need to do is to cut out your  desired design.
Press it on (hard top film and all) onto your nails
and the design will then be transferred onto your nails.
That's when you peel off the top film.
What I didn't realise was that you really had to cut those nail stickers to shape.
Otherwise, the top film which is a really hard plastic,
would not be very flexible,
and you may end up with air bubbles underneath your design.
That's what happened with my first attempt:
As you can see from the pictures,
the middle nail (yeah, completely trying to avoid typing finger there) was fraught with air bubbles.
I guess trying to get a full nail design there made it more prone to bubbles getting trapped.
So instead of trying to get the whole piece of sticker down and then cutting it,
the trick was to really cut them to shape before getting them on the nails.
Take a look at my second attempt.
Way better once I had those cut to shape.
There you go!
And I did all of them nails in full designs,
and not one of them had bubbles!
Here's the link to the item if you are interested.
There are other designs that are pretty interesting and cool.
And as always, remember to use BERRYG10 for a 10% discount!


Ana B said...

I love the last one. Its unique and classy as well. Love it!!!

Berry T said...

Thank you Ana B! :)

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