Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Preview of the OPI Hello Kitty Box Set

I'm not a Hello Kitty fan,
but when I laid eyes on this,
I simply threw my card at the cashier and demanded for one.
(Okay, less dramatic than that but still, I didn't resist)
I haven't seen a box-display set that's as adorable as this.
This is how the outside of the box looks like.
And what you'll see when you open the box.
You'll have to assemble the display yourself,
and the panels are sealed in plastic wrap.
There are 4 panels for the display,
and you'll have to remove the black cut-out parts to create the windows for layering.
Word of caution:
The plastic wrap sealing the panels are quite hard to remove.
If you have to use scissors or a pen-knife,
make sure you do them on the black cut-out parts.
(That's the middle black portions in case you don't get me)
This way, you won't be like me and get a scratch mark on one of the panels.
This is how it looks like after it is assembled.
Adorable right!
Now that Christmas is right round the corner,
it'll be the perfect gift set too for your friends who are HK fans!
And these are the polishes in the HK collection.
Well, afterall, this is a nail polish blog,
I gotta give them some spotlight right?

From left to right:
Kitty White,
Let's be Friends!,
Look at my Bow!,
Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel,
5 Apples Tall,
and Never have too Mani Friends!
And there are 4 others not in the box set.
Again, from left to right:
Charmmy & Sugar,
Super Cute in Pink,
My Twin Mimmy,
and My Pal Joey.
I've been warned that some of these polishes might be recycled colours.
At first glance, yes, some of them do look familiar.
But hey, if you're a HK fan,
you're probably already sold on the box-display isn't it?


Jules said...

Awww...this is so cute. This is so great for gift giving. Hope I could see swatches of these.

Berry T said...

I'll try and get to them soon!

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