Saturday, November 28, 2015

Nail Art Weekend: Snowflakes in Sunny Singapore

I'm a little disappointed with these photos.
The nail art looks a hell lot better in real life.
In fact, I adored them so much,
I refused to take them off for 4 days.
The thumb's the favourite.
Stamping is such a breeze now with my new Creative Shop stamper.
It makes a hell of a difference!
It's just too bad that where I work now,
there really isn't any decent spot to take nail pics.
Skyscrappers abound and too many people walking around.
And that's the main reason why it's become hard to keep up with posts now.
I'm limited to weekend mornings.
If I have something on or the weather refuses to co-operate,
that's it.
Nah-dah. No pictures.
Unfortunately, this didn't make it to the weekend...
Items used:
OPI I Cannoli Wear OPI,
sponged glitter gradient with OPI Super Star Status.
Stamping done with Konad Blue and Moyou London Festive Collection plate #03.


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