Monday, November 9, 2015

I finally hauled!

It feels like its been a while since I bought polishes.
I've been trying my best to shop The Stash,
but recently I walked past the nail polish section in a departmental store and caved.

Here's what I came back with:

Anna Sui was having a promotion, Buy 2 Get 1 Free.
Obviously, I went for it:
S008 Celadon Grey,
G902 Diamond Forest,
and 707 Caramel Pink (the freebie)
I'm probably again late to this party:
L.A. Girl 3D Effects Hologram Nail Polish in
Purple Effect, Sparkle Ruby, Electric Coral, Teal Dimension and 3D Silver.
I think there's a blue and a black that also in this collection.
I shall keep my eyes peeled for those so as to complete the collection.
Wet n Wild in French White Crème and Black Crème,
since I'm forever on the lookout for black and white crèmes.
China Glaze in Fairy Dust.
Yes. Like Finally.
Flormar in #392 Holographic Silver and #394 Golden Orchid
My Boyfriend Scales Walls,
I Cannoli Wear OPI,
By the Light of the Moon,
Super Star Status,
and Baroque... But Still Shopping.
Yeah. I grabbed My Boyfriend Scales Walls retail.
Expensive, but its my Holy Grail white and since it's discontinued,
it's very difficult to find it now.
So whenever I see one, I just grab. No questions asked.
I took the shot above by accident but I love how it looks,
so it's going up on the blog as well.
And this was what I was doing all of yesterday.
The Annual Cleaning and Stock-taking of The Stash.
Which means I'm going to have a purge soon!


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