Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween Nail Wrap Fail

I feel like I need a new label tag "nail fail".
As it is, already I hardly have the time or energy these days,
then when I have enough time to attempt something with my nails,
it's like the nail-mojo is gone.
First nail fail post for this week is courtesy of this set of nail wraps 
I had purchased from Born Pretty Store some time ago.
Looks pretty cool right?
That's what I thought too hence the purchase.
Unfortunately, this was one of the crappiest set of nail wraps I've ever had.
First, the wraps were one of the thickest I've ever used,
and I couldn't get them to adhere to the curvature of my nails properly.
Second, despite the thickness, these wraps were fragile as hell!
A couple of them tore when I was merely trying to life them off the backing.
Third, these wraps don't last. Not at all.
I did these in the morning before I left for office.
The above 2 photos were taken after a bus ride and a round of hand washing.
By the time I got to lunch,
as you can tell from the next 2 photos,
they were already peeling from the tips.
Needless to say, a few of my nails were naked by the end of the day.
Sigh. A complete waste.
And I was so looking forward to this for Halloween.


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