Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Deepavali Nails: Missha JBR02 + Penelope Luz Luxury

Sometimes, it takes sorting through your entire collection just to get excited about polish again.
I'm quite glad I took the time out just for the annual clean-up of the nail polish closet.
I remembered polishes that I had loved,
found polishes that was waiting to be loved.
And got excited about nail polish all over again.
Much needed really since I had been going through a nail-down-in-the-dumps period.
Of course, there's also always the pile that hopefully would go to a new home
where they might be loved again.
I'm putting up the first of the purge post tomorrow,
so those of you interested in getting some polishes on the cheap,
please do watch out for tomorrow's post at 9 am (Singapore time)!
In the meantime, its Deepavali today.
To all my friends and readers who are celebrating this Festival of Lights,
I hope you all have a great time with your loved ones!
Missha JBR02,
2 coats + Seche Vite TC.
Delicate gold sparkles that has this understated charm and elegance.
I honestly did not expect to like this one so much.
In fact, prior to putting it on,
I already had thoughts of just swatching and then purging it.
However, after the first nail was done,
I decided to have a proper manicure done with it.
And Missha JBR02 is also the perfect metallic gold base for glitters.
Just check out this pairing with Penelope Luz's Luxury that I've decided on for my Deepavali nails:
Stunning isn't it!


Jessica said...

Stunning indeed! I super love this mani that you have made. So festive and classy at the same time. Great job!

Berry T said...

Thank you Jessica!

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