Sunday, September 6, 2015

Nail Art Weekend: You Can't Tell that its R-rated

Heh. This was the plate that prompted me to get my first Pueen plates.
I laughed about it with my good friend when I came across it,
and after that, we both decided that I just had to get it.
Though it did take me a while before I got around to using it.
These photos were taken on Day 4,
so please excuse the wear you see in the photos.
Honestly, no one realised that anything naughty was going on with the nails.
Not even with the words 'sex' being more explicit than the images.
Heh. It's probably a little secondary-school,
but there was this little thrill with being able to get away with this at work.
With the exception of my middle nail,
here's how it should be oriented.
Perhaps the females would come across clearer this way.
Polishes used:
Base - OPI Black Onyx,
stamped with OPI Silver Canvas from the Color Paints collection.


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