Monday, September 7, 2015

Chanel Lavanda + Misa Denim & Lace

Random pairing of the week that turned out really pretty.
I was again rummaging through The Purge,
when I pulled this one out.
To be honest, I only have a few bottles of Misa lying around,
so I was wondering why I dumped this into the bin.
Misa Denim & Lace,
3 coats + Seche Vite TC.
Pale lavender with purple-pink shimmer.
Denim & Lace is definitely more of a topper.
It's sheer on it's own and even with 3 coats,
you can still see my nails.
Here I have it layered over Chanel Lavanda,
and the purple-pink shimmer becomes a lot more pronounced.
I'm now quite curious to see how it would look layered over other colours.
Might get down it testing it out soon.


Jess said...

No wonder why you have dumped it. It looks dull and you even have to layer it with other color. I guess I would pass on this one.....

Berry T said...

lol... I guess I might even have trouble getting rid of it

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