Saturday, August 1, 2015

Lady Queen Review: Doraemon Nails

Last week I introduced you guys to Lady Queen,
a relatively new nail art (amongst other stuff as well) e-shop.
Today, I have for you another review done for them.
Unfortunately, the pictures aren't the best
as we've been having a really gloomy week here in Singapore.
But it still doesn't take away the cute-ness of the nail art today:
Doraemon Nail Wraps!
*Picture taken off Lady Queen*

And this was the set that was sponsored for the review.
As I mentioned, it was unfortunate that when I have a really awesome manicure,
it had to rain when I needed to take pictures.
And by the time the sun came back up,
it was the third day of the manicure,
and this was how the nail wraps held up
Even if the nails looked a little worn out,
I thought that they still looked a lot better in the sun.
And since I didn't use up all of the nail wraps,
you can be sure I'm going to have another set of Doraemon nails again soon!
Plus (if you click on the link)
you can see that the other Doraemon wraps are just as cute!
Heh. Personally, I'm already eyeing some of them.
I've also been checking out their nail wraps,
and there are so many interesting ones that are going to land into my shopping cart!
I'm definitely going to be making a purchase soon myself!
And if you do want to get those,
remember to use this coupon code CPLC15 for a 15% discount.


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