Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Color Club Poptastic Pastel Neon Collection (Part 1)

All right, I figured that since it was my birthday month,
and I have my birthday haul,
I shall go about having fun with them for the rest of August.
Oh. And hopefully with a bit of nail art thrown in.
Well, later I mean.
For now, here's 2 of the Color Club Poptastic Pastel Neon polishes:
Color Club Hot-Hot-Hot Pants,
3 coats + Seche Vite TC
Peachy pink bright crème.
Ok, this is hot hot hot!
I love the colour,
just not the formula.
I have to say though, it's not as bad as some other pastels I have.
But that 3rd coat is definitely needed to smoothen things out.
Color Club Meet Me at the Rink,
3 coats + Seche Vite TC.
Bright sky blue pastel crème.
Again the 3rd coat is to smoothen things out on the nails.
Otherwise, another pretty one to love.


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