Sunday, July 26, 2015

New Kid on the Block: Lady Queen - Review

There's a new player in the market supplying nail art gizmos (and other stuff),
and I was fortunate enough to be contacted by them to do a review.
Some of you might already have heard of Lady Queen.
But well, if you haven't,
here's a short introductory paragraph that was sent by their PR rep, Perlie:
"Lady Queen is a global online shopping mall which specialises in women products in daily life to make life more beautiful.
We devote to make customers to buy items more convenient and easily.
We serve millions of buyers around the world.
Lady Queen committed to offer high quality and useful products for our daily life with the lowest price to our customers.
All the orders are free shipping.
The orders will be shipped out in one business day and we promise to deliver items directly to customers.
Lady Queen now provides purchasing agent services for 8 core categories,
which are Makeup, Nail Art, Jewelry, Apparel, Hair Decoration, Bags, Wedding & Festival Supplies and Home & Garden.
Our mission is "let every woman to be the beauty queen in life".
Love beauty, love life, love yourself, love our family.
Make the life more beautiful everyday.
Lady Queen strives to make women more beautiful,
we provide women products with more variety, better prices and professional services.
We are working hard to develop the most popular and trusted professional international e-commerce company."
Phew. Ok, maybe not so short.
And maybe ignore some of the grammar and structural errors,
I didn't want to change anything in what was sent to me.
But it does sound like Lady Queen wants to be in serious business.
And free shipping?!
That's a bonus anytime!
I spent some time on the Lady Queen website.
It's actually pretty similar in format to Born Pretty Store's
so that makes navigating relatively simple.
But that's about as much as I can tell you for now,
I haven't actually made a purchase there yet myself,
but be sure I'll update on the blog when that purchase happens!
Speaking of which,
if you do head over to Lady Queen,
and want to make a purchase,
here's a 15% off coupon code for you!
So now that the code's out,
I've got to get the review done.
I was sent 2 items for review,
and I'm going to do the first one today:

This was what came in the mail for me.
I was initially super thrilled since these looked really pretty.
Until I saw this
Darn. My stickers had a long cut in them.
Sigh. Just my luck.
I actually debated on whether I wanted to ask for a replacement,
but eventuallu decided that I'll just make do with it.

For one, I honestly think this one's a freak.
I didn't even see the cut until I had it out of the package and in my hands.
I bought so many nail stickers,
and quite a number from this same brand.
While their stickiness sometimes varies,
they don't usually have cuts like this.
And lastly, I thought to myself that it's not like I can't use them at all.
Well, I'll definitely let Perlie know though,
so hopefully it doesn't happen to anyone else.
Onto the stickers itself.
After the earlier Hello Kitty "fiasco"
(man... those were the thickest I've ever had),
I'll consider this lace decals of a decent thickness.
They're definitely not the thinnest I've ever had,
but they're definitely not thick and pretty manageable.
My only beef with them is that they didn't last a full day on my nails.
I did them early morning and by sunset,
I had at least four that were lifting from the corners of my nails.
Nevertheless, I find this lace set and the resulting nails art super pretty.
Seriously. I loved how it looked on the nails A LOT.
So much so, if I had a short event,
I wouldn't mind using them.
And in case you're wondering,
base polish is Chanel Mediterranee,
dry-brushed with Chanel Vibrato.
TC here was Seche Vite.


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