Saturday, July 18, 2015

Japan Vacation Nails

I'm back from Hokkaido!
Actually I've been back 4 days ago,
but I was so exhausted post-trip,
I couldn't get around to blogging till now.
In fact, after this round,
I'm going to try avoid night flights like they're the plague.
I'm not one of those people who can fall asleep anywhere,
and apparently, airplanes are one of the worst for me.
But having said that,
I was very inspired this time by the trip to start another blog.
One which I'll focus on documenting my wanderlust and other related stuff.
I'll post a link to that one when I get it up and running!
Well. Back to this blog then.
I know I said I'll try to get better pictures of the Hello Kitty nails when I'm in Japan.
I got them. In the sun too.
Just not necessarily better though.
By the time I remembered,
the nails were on Day 3 of wear and tear,
and it shows in the pictures.
Not that great right?
But you get the idea.
Unfortunately, my mom also thought this was one of the worst set of nail art I've ever done.
She was completely not impressed at all.
So when I finally recovered from the lack of sleep after Day 3,
I decided to change up the nails.
Not particularly successful either,
since I got too anxious and smeared the nail art with TC.
But I managed to impress another girl on the tour with these nails.
So score for me! Haha!
This one's a repetition of a nail art that I did earlier this year.
Just that I wanted blossoms on the nails when I visited the lavender farm,
and this was easy-peasy to create while on holiday.


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