Thursday, June 11, 2015

Born Pretty Review: Gold Metallic Nail Art Stickers

I realised I forgot to post the link to this item.
Click here for the link.
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Today I have for you another Born Pretty Store review.
I haven't posted pictures of recent nail mail,
but I did get another package from Born Pretty Store,
and it included this really pretty sheet of metallic gold nail art stickers.
This sheet had 9 rows of different designs,
and there were 12 individual decals per design.
That gives you a lot of mileage for 1 sheet!
I found it something that's really easy to use to jazz up your manicure.
The decals were pretty thin too,
and didn't feel like I had a slab on.
Probably the only thing you would need to be careful about,
is not to let the stickers touch your skin or fingers.
On my first attempt, I used my fingers to try to align the patterns
and left my finger prints all over it.
You definitely wouldn't want that
or your otherwise pretty manicure would look like you had perpetual lotion-smudged fingers.
Oh! And don't forget to wrap those tips if you're using these.
It'll last longer.
This was my first attempt with the gold nail art stickers.
Really, really pretty.
Even my fitness instructor went gaga over it.
And I liked it so much, I followed it up with a 2nd design the next day.
Though these pictures were taken on Day 2 of the manicure.
The stickers lasted pretty well don't you think?



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