Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Bunnies

My work BFF and I had this idea to pair up for a Easter photo-shoot;
her bunnies and me doing a bunny nail art.
So here you are!
Simply adorable photos guest starring:
(I love those Cleopatra eyes!)
(My favourite of all my friend's bunnies)
And this all started
when I thought it would be really cute to feature these Etude House Bunny Nail Kits with her rabbits!
I mean check out those Etude bottles.
They're so cute, I thought they deserved a cute photo shoot!

Unfortunately, since we decided on the following day quite hastily,
I was in a rush to complete the nail art,
and I didn't have the luxury of time to wait.
(Plus I was really wanting to get into bed that night)
The Etude House Bunny Nail Kits I have are:
#1 Dalmatian Bunny - 1 bottle of white striper
and 1 bottle of black bunny glitters, black and gold round glitters
#2 Analogue Bunny - 1 bottle of black striper
and 1 bottle of white bunny glitters, white and silver round glitters
And this is Honey,
a Flemmish giant who tolerated all my hand poses.

Happy Easter everyone!


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