Tuesday, April 21, 2015

2 polishes from the China Glaze Spring 2015 Road Trip

I only picked 2 up from the recent China Glaze Spring Collection:
Dashboard Dreamer,
3 coats + HK Girl TC.
Light blue with orange-pink shimmer.
I love the shimmer in this one.
Particularly when you're standing in the sun or under low lights,
it's really gorgeous.
However, both the polishes featured today were a pain in the butt to apply.
Both needed patience as you need to go slow with the brushstrokes.
Otherwise, you'll either have bald spots or a streaky mess on your nails.
Both polishes also needed that third coat to even things out too.
Trip of a Lime Time,
3 coats + HK Girl TC.
Yellow toned pea green.
It actually reminded me of yellowed endamame peas!



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