Wednesday, March 18, 2015

St Paddy's 2015

I almost missed out on a St Paddy's day manicure.
It was only by chance that I glanced the deco over at the Irish pub down at my office building on Monday evening,
that I realised that it was St Paddy's already the next day!
So I just put together a quick one for St Paddy's 2015:
I initially went with Dare to Wear Upper East Side for the green,
but I didn't realise that instead of the deep green I was hoping for,
Upper East Side turned out to be an almost black jelly.
So I topped it with Sinful Green Ocean instead
and went with an accent of OPI Glitzerland.
Not the perfect green-gold combination I was hoping for,
but each pretty enough in its own right.



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