Monday, March 30, 2015

In Memory of C

It seems like March has become a time of mourning.
A few hours after this post is up,
I will be going for my promotion ceremony.
It is something that I am happy about;
I mean my work and effort is recognised and hey! Extra money too.
So yes, of course I'm elated.
But I thought of C as well.
How she would have been so happy for me too.
My mentor and friend who guided me in work and in life.
I know you will be so happy and proud of me today.
I'll like to think that you'll be cheering for me too later from the heavens.

Here's the polishes for this manicure,
like how I'll have shown them to you in office:
Sally Hansen Nasturtium (Leukemia Awareness colour),
Color Club Take Me to your Chateau (the polish you wanted to wear),
and Sinful UFO (for your love of beautiful things)

Miss you loads.



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