Tuesday, March 31, 2015

pa #AA66

This polish felt apt for the (and my) recent mood.
pa #AA66,
3 coats + Seche Vite TC.
Milky white base with black glitters in 2 sizes.
Forgive the shrinking that came as a result of SV.


Monday, March 30, 2015

In Memory of C

It seems like March has become a time of mourning.
A few hours after this post is up,
I will be going for my promotion ceremony.
It is something that I am happy about;
I mean my work and effort is recognised and hey! Extra money too.
So yes, of course I'm elated.
But I thought of C as well.
How she would have been so happy for me too.
My mentor and friend who guided me in work and in life.
I know you will be so happy and proud of me today.
I'll like to think that you'll be cheering for me too later from the heavens.

Here's the polishes for this manicure,
like how I'll have shown them to you in office:
Sally Hansen Nasturtium (Leukemia Awareness colour),
Color Club Take Me to your Chateau (the polish you wanted to wear),
and Sinful UFO (for your love of beautiful things)

Miss you loads.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

With heartfelt gratitude and...

...utmost respect.

Rest in peace Sir.


Monday, March 23, 2015

China Glaze Light as Air

After all the glitters recently,
I just wanted something clean and light.
China Glaze Light as Air happened to be conveniently right in front of a row of untrieds,
and so I picked it up for a manicure.
Unfortunately when I opened it up,
I found that my bottle had already evaporated quite a bit.
Hence I won't know about it's original consistency and all.
Light as Air,
2 coats + HK Girl TC.
Having said that, it was still ok to apply and I still like the colour on my nails.
Not nearly white and with a hint of lilac.
Clean and refreshing.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Born Pretty Store Review: Born Pretty Stamping Plate BP23

Here's another review for Born Pretty Store.
A while ago, I posted that I received another package from them for review,
and this time the packages were all stamping plates.
I had been quite eager to finish up the Illamasqua week,
just so I could get started on these plates,
and BP23 was the first one I chose to start with.
Here's a link to the store in you're interested in getting the plate.
Don't forget to use this coupon code BERRYG10 for a 10% discount off your purchase!

This was actually my second attempt,
as I was a bit disappointed with how the first one turned out.
I stamped the Sakura and Waves image over a pink glittery gradient,
and absolutely loved it!
After this one, I'm definitely going to try stamping some of the other images over glittery gradients!
In case you're interested,
I used Etude House Cocktail Syrup Nails Kit in Rose Cocktail for the glitter gradient.
And this was my original attempt.
I think I spoilt it when I tried to fill in the flowers with some colours.
Obviously chose the wrong polish for it all,
even though I thought the final result was a sedate, pretty art.

Polishes in this included Raindrops and Pink Raindrops from Illamasqua.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

St Paddy's 2015

I almost missed out on a St Paddy's day manicure.
It was only by chance that I glanced the deco over at the Irish pub down at my office building on Monday evening,
that I realised that it was St Paddy's already the next day!
So I just put together a quick one for St Paddy's 2015:
I initially went with Dare to Wear Upper East Side for the green,
but I didn't realise that instead of the deep green I was hoping for,
Upper East Side turned out to be an almost black jelly.
So I topped it with Sinful Green Ocean instead
and went with an accent of OPI Glitzerland.
Not the perfect green-gold combination I was hoping for,
but each pretty enough in its own right.


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