Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Born Pretty Store Review: Feathers for Manicures

Another Born Pretty Store Review.
This time round it's about feathers for nail art.
I've never played with feathers before,
even though I've seen several awesome feathered manicures from other bloggers.
For reason, I've been wanting to try,
but never got around to getting those feathers.
So when Born Pretty Store gave me a chance to review their nail art items,
I jumped at the opportunity to try out a feathered manicure.
Unfortunately, my first attempt wasn't all that successful in my opinion.
I was aiming for a pseudo French feathered mani,
but I didn't know that certain portions of the feather were stiffer,
and hence harder to get them to adhere to the nails.
Also, it was easier to get these feathers to adhere to the nails in a straight-up orientation.
Here, I was trying to do a sideway orientation,
and those feathers were definitely sticking up (even when I resorted to nail glue!)
Definitely NOT what I had in mind,
and far from those awesome feathered manicures I've seen.
So I had to try again.
I'm sure you guys would agree that this is a much better attempt.
And without nail glue too!
This was just stuck on with a coat of my fave A-England basecoat.

So the trick here is to:
1) Find the less stiff portions
2) Adjust to a straight-up orientation when using the feathers.
I still have 2 more pieces of the feather left after the 2 attempts.
I might still be able to get that pseudo French I was hoping for initially.

For those of you who are interested in getting these feathers,
here's a link to the page on Born Pretty Store.
The feathers come in a pack of 5,
and there are 12 colours to choose from.
You can also use this coupon code BERRYG10 for a 10% discount off your purchase.
Have fun trying!


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