Monday, January 19, 2015

Rescue Beauty Lounge Week: Nude Couple

Anatomy of a #KDrama Collection:
Instant Amnesia,
2 coats + HK Girl TC.
When this collection was released,
I admit I bought the polishes mainly because I was a Korean Drama addict,
and the names made me laugh so much at how accurate they depicted those plots.
In saying that,
I admit I was not expecting myself to like this shade so much.
I bought this one solely because I've lost count of the number of times amnesia became a part of the arduous process that the lovebirds seem to have to get through in a Korean drama.

Instant Amnesia is a lovely shade of honey-beige with a sheen of silver-pink-blue shimmer when the sun hits it.
It has this chic yet delicate vibe to it.
I can definitely see myself grabbing this one again and again whenever a nude polish is required in the office.
The next one is from an older collection,
Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty:
3 coats + HK Girl TC.
Ok, this one I definitely did not like.
Putty beige that reminded me of shellfish (think oysters and clams).
There was a very slight hint of a shimmer sheen too,
but it's not as pronounced as the one in Instant Amnesia.
Not my cup of tea.
The idea of shellfish on my nails just puts me off completely in this case.
It's already gone into the purge bin.



Anonymous said...

Ohh, Sherry, these are gorgeous AND gorgeous on you!

No resemblance to either oysters or clams on your perfect tips, although I do see that distinct greyish cast you refer to in my bottle of Jane, as well.

Instant Amnesia should be in and on my hands by next week, on the way from RBL site's 60% sale, o joy!

Thank you for a beauteous preview of things to come...lovely images as always.

xx gemminha

Berry T said...

Thank you Gemminha for the lovely compliment! I hope you'll enjoy Instant Amnesia as much as I did! It's really pretty! And I'm curious to knoe what else you grabbed from the sale! Gotta live vicariously through others now that I'm restricting my purchases!

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