Thursday, January 22, 2015

Rescue Beauty Lounge Week: Fugly Spots

I have to add a disclaimer today:
Today's featured nail art looks a hell lot better in real life than in these pictures.
That's the unfortunate downside of working in the shopping district,
there's just no good enough place to take photos of your nails at work.
Anyway. You just have to take my word for this.
It really does look damn good.
In fact, I had someone (who swears by salon gel manicures)
ask me if I had finally decided to get myself a gel manicure.
Oh! And before I forget! I have to give credit.
This was a design I saw on Pinterest and just had to replicate.
Here's the link to the design I chanced on.
And here's my version of it:
Can you believe I free-handed those French tips?
I'm astounded myself.
It's been a long long time since I free-handed tips,
and I didn't think they would come out so nice!
Polish used here is RBL Footpath,
which is a seriously awesome colour for nail art in my humble opinion.
I'll get around to a proper swatch of it soon this weekend.



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